Composite Mouldings

Fibreglass was first developed in the 1930’s and is now referred to as GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic) or FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic). GRP is a composite of a range of materials which can include chopped strand matt; woven rovings; carbon fibre; other exotic fibres; and different kinds of resin.

Composite Structures

At CML we strive to remain versatile in working on a multitude of different composite projects and composite structural design. Our base industry is marine however we have always worked in anything from automotive to artistic, from funky architectural pieces to bus shelters.

Resin Infusion

CML use open resin moulding systems using a vacuum to draw the Polyester or Epoxy resin through a fibre material. The fibre is first applied dry into the mould surface and a vacuum bag is laid over it then a pump, with a bleed chamber for excess resin, is used to draw the resin through the cloth.

Resin Transfer Moulding

At CML we use a closed mould resin injection system used in volume production of small to medium sized items. Where both surfaces of the moulding are required to be smooth. Typical applications include vehicle body panels, fairings and high volume requirements like light shades.

Vacuum Bagging

At CML we use open mould systems to consolidate laminates and remove air and volatiles from the laminate structure. Composite laminates fabricated from carbon fibre, pre-pregs, e-glass, expoy and polyester can all be put under vacuum. Typical applications include aerospace, race car and marine structures and moudlings.

3D Modelling

At CML we can use 3D modelling to visualise complex surface geometries and render the model to give a real life visual of the finished article, or accurately gain surface areas and volumes for weight and centre of gravity calculations. We also use it in our turn key products for general arrangements of interiors or systems within a component.

Carbon Fibre Prepreg

Out of autoclave composite manufacturing is an alternative to the traditional high pressure autoclave curing process. Out of autoclave (OOA) is a process that achieves the same quality as an autoclave but through a different process.


CML have been providing swimming pools of various sizes for the leisure industry, from smaller jet swim pools up to large swimming pools that sit within the ground. We have also produced turn key infinity style free standing Jacuzzi pools for super yachts like MY Shemara and also loud speaker boxes.

CNC Machine

At Composite Mouldings we have an in house 10′ x 5′ or 3048mm x 1524mm, 2.5 axis CNC machine with a depth cut of 250mm from which it is possible to produce, for example, frame kits for hulls, decks and wheelhouses, core kits or even direct tooling for one off projects.

Spray Painting

At CML we have the ability to carry out spray painting in house at our facility in Southampton. This can range from filling/fairing, primer and top coating a boat to clear coating carbon fibre components. We have a dedicated mobile booth which is ideal for small components painting.

CML Technologies

Composite Mouldings employ several different types of materials and techniques in order to achieve the best result in terms of performance and price. Some of the techniques used are:

  • Epoxy Laminating
  • Polyester Laminating
  • Resin Infusion or Infusion moulding
  • Wet Lay-up
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Prepreg construction
  • Kevlar/Aramid construction

Using these techniques with the right production methods can save clients time, money and help achieve the desired product.