Marine at Composite Mouldings

At Composite Manufacturing and Design Ltd (CMDL) we invite all projects that are composite through our doors. 

Composite projects from start to finish

We are a composite manufacturer that can aid from the very beginning of the design process through to the plugs, moulds, moulding and production of vessels up to 100 ft (30m). We work with both sail and power boats from commercial to pleasure yachts. We can do anything from a full fit out to part building the vessels to a certain stage eg. just provide hull and deck with minor mouldings to be finished at a different location. 

We also are able to send a team out for repairs or modification work on anything from super yachts to cruise-liners.

Marine Mouldings

Design & Build

Marine Fit Out


Composite Mouldings build all the GRP mouldings for the Off Shore Raiding Craft (ORC). Video of ORC’s in action below

Other Marine projects

Some other Marine projects include:

  • Three16M Pilot boat mouldings for Sydney Harbour Authorities
  • One16M Pilot boat mouldings for Teeside Port Authority
  • Two 16M Pleasure Boat Mouldings (Hull, Deck, Flybridge, Small Mouldings)
  • All plugs, moulds and mouldings for Thirty GRP narrow and broad beam wheel houses produced for British Waterways
  • The Bladerunner 35 RIB plugs moulds and mouldings for Icemarine
  • Three P28 RIB’s for Patriot Boats
  • Two 10.5M Epoxy Search and Rescue Rib moulding including plugs and moulds
  • Twelve 9.6M Navy Patrol Rib incuding plugs and moulds
  • Three Lochin 33 and Two Lochin 36
  • Swordsman 40 GRP mouldings for YPL
  • Epoxy infused E-glass and Carbon Fibre interior mouldings for the XSR48
  • Lightweight Carbon Fibre Interior and Exterior mouldings for the Superyacht sector
  • Plugs, moulds and mouldings for Four 16M Harwich Haven Authority Pilot Boat
  • Lochin 40 for Channel Island Pilots
  • 11M Patriot Bonito Rib

All work is Weight controlled and run under an ISO 9001 Quality System.