Architectural Moulding Projects

CML have done a lot of work in the architectural sector for various different kinds of projects. we offer our composite engineering and design services to take artistic concepts and bring them to reality. The projects we have worked on include anything from luxury carbon stair cases for Caribbean homes to large complexly shaped roof lights for prestigious buildings in London. For clients like Pod utopia we worked closely from the initial stages to produce mouldings that would seamlessly fit together and create beautiful outdoor pod space for an array of activities.

Design. Structure. Maintenance.

CML Architectural Service

At CML we can cater to all Architectural needs, including:

  • Spiral Staircases Made Out of Carbon Fibre for Luxury homes
  • Feature Mouldings
  • Roof Lights for The Point in Eastleigh
  • Fluted Columns for Housing Projects in Guildford
  • Pod Utopia