Environmental Policy

GRP & FRP Fibreglass moulders, Composite Mouldings respect the environment and their attitude to what they do is a responsible one, the environment should be preserved and CML should reduce their impact on it. On a grander scale, they are trying to find alternative eco friendly products to the hazardous ones currently in use, they are constantly reviewing their energy consumption to try and lower their carbon footprint. They use renewable materials where possible and only use recycled office stationary. Most paper process delivery (purchasing, invoicing etc.) has been made electronic, with help from the people they work with, most now choose to receive their paper work via email. Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and wood is recycled.

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The principles that we work towards are:

  • The company will instigate an awareness of the need for environmental care by good house-keeping,thoughtful waste disposal and work practices
  • The company will promote communication and discussion internally to ensure every member of staff understands the commitment to environmental care
  • Sufficient resources will be available to ensure this can take place and develop
  • The company management will ensure they are up to date with changes and additions to legal requirements
  • The performance of the company will be regularly reviewed to ensure the system maintains and improves standards
  • The company will be aware of relevant issues past, present and future
  •  Appropriate facilities will be supplied and maintained to ensure waste is disposed of in the correct manner meeting legal requirements The company will co-operate with its neighbours and other companies to ensure good environmental practices are adhered to
  • The company expects all employees to keep their workplace tidy and help others within the organisation to ensure that the premises and surrounding areas are also tidy and well maintained

In addition to these principles we have embraced a “reduce, re-use, recycle” philosophy with the following initiatives which the company actively works towards:

  • Reduction in the dependency/use of raw materials
  • Reduction in the use of power and water
  • Reduction in the use of fossil fuels
  • Re-use of materials
  • Re-use of office products Recycle of scrap/excess materials
  • Service exchange products

Warwick Buckley Managing Director

If you would like to discuss our Environmental policy further please contact us on +44 2380 660 770 environment@compositemouldings.com