Resin Infusion Moulding

The Process

This is an open resin moulding system using a vacuum to draw the Polyester or Epoxy resin through the fibre material. The fibre is first applied dry into the mould surface and a vacuum bag is laid over it then a pump, with a bleed chamber for excess resin, is used to draw the resin through the cloth.

It is then held in a vacuum until cured and allows for a very accurate resin/fibre ratio to be applied. This process also enhances production times and is ideal for achieving the same results each time.

This process can be used with both epoxy and polyester resins designed for infusion. It is a cleaner and more controlled process compared to hand lay up (the cloth will only consume as much resin as it needs). Also the workshop stays cleaner and the person/s doing the work has minimal exposure to the catalysed resin.

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