Recycled Pram Dinghy Shell

Recycled Pram Dinghy Shell

**Due to the popularity of this project the mould ended up having wear and tear damage that was not feasable to repair.CML no longer manufacture dinghy shells. Please use this article as a case study only.**

A competitively priced pram dinghy shell built entirely from waste material generated from the building of larger vessels by Composite Mouldings. The concept turned out to be a great success and received local and national press coverage.

As a result there was a large demand for the dinghies and completely eradicated any raw material waste being thrown away. The company not only saw an increase in sales from manufacturing and selling the dinghies but also their monthly waste bill was reduced dramatically.

The company was throwing away large amounts of raw material left over from their manufacturing process. This was not only financially negative because of the cost involved in the material being thrown away but there were also the waste carrier’s collection charges to pay! The company employees had a brainstorming session and it was decided something should be made out of all this redundant material.

An 8ft pram dinghy mould was created which the company now use to build dinghy shells made entirely from material otherwise destined for the bin! Composite Mouldings provided the shells, with a lip for seats already built in.

A great DIY project that could then have been finished off simply for around £50 or turned into a real luxury tender. The main thing is that raw material is not being thrown away and the buyer gets a dinghy for a fraction of the retail cost.