Press Release: Pontoon Boats

Press Release: Pontoon Boats

Composite Manufacturing and Design Ltd and sister company Buckley Yacht Design have teamed up to start building Pontoon Boats. The versatile platform of this style of boat allows for a large deck area that can be used for a number of configurations including; Work Boat, House Boat, Pleasure boat to name a few.

The first vessel will be built for the QE2 Activity Centre, a leading provider of activity opportunities for people with additional needs. Based on the Hamble river, the new boat will be used to take visitors for daytrips on the river. The vessel will be able to accommodate 12 persons and will be powered by a 60hp outboard.

Typically Pontoon Boats are either built in metal or a combination of plastic Injected floats and a metal base. The first option produces a very expensive boat while the second is cheaper, however if the plastic injected floats are damaged than it is very difficult to repair. The CMDL/BYD boat will be made from GRP and all foam used will be closed cell i.e. wont take on water. GRP is versatile and easy to repair.

Jami Buckley of BYD comments: “BYD has offices in the UK and North America, in North America pontoon boats are hugely popular but expensive. In Europe the market seems to offer a much cheaper alternative. We’re hoping that our all composite version fills this gap and offers a more appealing alternative”.

The first Pontoon Boat will be delivered in Spring 2021 and the companies are keen to discuss with anyone interested who are looking for a versatile floating platform for work, fun or accommodation, to get in touch.

Please contact Tommi Buckley on 02380 660770 or for more information.

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