New 13M Pilot Boat

New 13M Pilot Boat

CMDL (Composite Manufacturing and Design Ltd) based in Marchwood, Southampton has recently worked with their long standing customer, Holyhead Marine Services (HMS), to help develop their new 13M Pilot Boat mouldings.

The vessel is of a GRP construction and has been designed to be fitted with either waterjets or conventional propellers. Featuring a centrally located wheelhouse for good all round visibility and suspension seating for 6 pilots. The Camarc designed hull can be optimized for either waterjets or propellers and offers a high level of speed and maneuverability capable of speeds of up to 30 knots depending on specification and engine options.

CMDL has also been working with HMS and Camarc on developing a resiliently mounted wheelhouse which feature infused floors for stiffness. This helps to create a more comfortable ride reducing both noise and vibration.

Utilising their in-house CNC machine CMDL have been able to pre-cut frames and stringers on their machine to be fitted in the hull, deck and wheelhouse. This not only creates a more accurately fitted part but enhances the aesthetic of the structure.

If you have any moulding requirements and would like to discuss them further please contact +44 02380 660770.

If you have any turn-key vessel enquiries, please contact Holyhead Marine Services direct on +44 01407 760 111.